Saturday, October 29, 2011

Love Quotes : Adventureland.

All lines are quoted from the movie " Adventureland " (2009). Starring Kirsten Stewart as Em and Jesse Eisenberg as James Brennan.

It was raining on the street of New York. And James had just arrived from Pittsburgh. He was soaking wet waiting for Em to come out from her apartment.

Crossing the road , Em saw James on the side of the street

" I don't think i could see you. *stutter* "

" What ? "

" The summer was.. rough. I did things that i really , really regret. "

" Yeah , me too. I'm sorry i told Lisa P. about you and O'Conner. She , you know , told the rest of the world. But i'm not gonna lie. I was really angry at you but. But, you didn't deserve that. "

" You know James , I am so sorry for fucking this up. You know , you were the only good thing that happen this summer. " She starts to walk away.

" Wait Em. I think i've maybe see you a little differently than you see yourselves. I guess i see the person who fucked up but i also see the person who save me from being knived over a giant ass Panda.. "

He start reminiscing about their summer together and continue

" My theory is that you can't just avoid everybody you screw up with. You should trust me , i'm a New Yorker. "

That's all he said. Korang nampak tak perkataan " Love " dalam dialog diorang ? Zero. Yes , love is just over-rated. Terlalu dinilai dengan perkataan dan dipaksa. That's where arsonist come in place. Love tak patut jadi begitu complicated sampai buta mata , kering poket , gadai rumah apa bagai. Love should just be plain. And what we do defines love itself.

Scene ni adalah lebih kurang 10 minit daripada ending movie ni. The other hour are just full of bullshit , stupid jokes , sex , false language and a vast contradiction of life. Ending dia ? Tak perlu cakap pun dah tahu. They hook-up dan live happily ever after in the Big Apple. Korang asyik cakap pasal tipikal cerita orang Melayu. Hollywood ? Oh lupa , they're perfect.

Movie ni buat aku fikir. Dan buat aku rasa macam nak share quote yang dah lama aku pegang. Dari sekolah dulu , sambung masuk universiti dan masih lagi aku guna sampai sekarang. Oh yeah , i wrote these words on a back of Shin Chan comic-book.

" Don't try to act like who you wanted to be but try to become the person you doesn't want to. So you'll know exactly what you don't have to do. " - Adie.


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